Macbeth’s Fate, 2018

Macbeth’s Fate Gameplay

Macbeth’s fate is an atmospheric 2D–sidescroller that focuses on the illustration of Shakespeare’s Macbeth meeting the Weird Sisters and mediates the experience of how hard it is to resist temptation.

In the following, I showcase some artwork that I have created during this 3 month’s project. The most interesting aspect of the design process might be the creation and implementation of the decalcomania print technique, which gives the game its special and recognizable look. I took inspiration from artist Max Ernst and the Indie-game Oxenfree from Night School Studio.

I created everything, except for the code, the fonts, the sounds and the vector graphics of the text bubbles. The engine used, is the Unity Engine.

Thumbnail Sketches - Watercolor and Ink Pen

Analog Decalcomania Prints

Character Concepts

Scene Concepts
Tree Concepts Based on Basic Shapes and Digitalized Decalcomania Brushes

Digitalized Decalcomania Prints

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(c) All rights reserved